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Kim on guitar and Linda on bass Get tickets through Ticketmaster. Get tickets through Ticketmaster. Kim on guitar and Linda on bass This musical features the hits songs by Whitney Houston. Kim on guitar and Linda on bass This musical follows the all female singing trio, "The Dreams" and their rise to fame. Musical Score by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Come here the Old Testament story of Joseph and his brothers.

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This musical is a favorite and one that the whole family will enjoy. Kim on guitar and Linda on bass This musical is based on the hilarious movie from This musical follows the life of Argentine politial leader Eva Peron's rise to power, her charity work, and her death. Godspell is based on the Gospel according to St. Mathew and the musical is broken up into a series a parables with modern music. Book by John-Michael Teblak. Music and Lyrics by Stephen Swartz. Recommended for ages 7 and up 7 shows per week!

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